Fantum Falls, Nova Scotia


First of all I’m not sure of the correct spelling of this waterfall. I have seen posts and signs with 3 different spellings including Phantom Falls, Fantom Falls and Fantum Falls. I’m going with the later.

Whatever the name may be, these falls are pretty cool!


To get to these falls, I chose the Old Guysborough Rd way and headed towards Upper Musquodoboit. It’s about an hours drive from Halifax until you reach where Hwy 224 and 336 meet. You will see a Big Blue sign that reads DEAN and just past that you will see an Orange arrow pointing to a road on your right.


Take that road down a hill a short distance . I usually park in a clearing there and walk the 1 km or so down the road to the trail. You could drive but its rough, and besides….it’s a lovely walk.

Just follow the road through the woods, it can be muddy or icy depending the season. Keep on going  past Mount Gypsum, You will know it when you see it. Over the bridge across the river …….I always stop here, it’s really pretty.

Continue up a little farther sticking to the main road, until you see another orange arrow pointing to the trail. You Made it.Yay! Don’t forget to Get a pic at the sign Smile

Follow the trail through the woods, it’s not far now. The trail is easy to follow and the forest is beautiful there. Soon you will hear the roar of the falls….exciting!


You will come to a green rope to help you down to get a better view. There are a few other ropes like this you can use to climb farther down.

You can continue in the forest on the trail to a clearing at the top of the falls. This is visibly used as a picnic spot, and a sweet spot to do just that.


From here you can hike up river through the woods and do a little exploring or just hang out and enjoy the falls. As I said earlier, there are a couple more ropes that you can use to help climb down closer to the falls. Of course I had to give it a try. Both were fairly easy climbs down and back up. I actually found this quite fun. The ropes really are great!

There was some Ice around the falls that was starting to melt, it was so beautiful that day with the snow falling.

After enjoying the falls and any exploring up or down river, just take the same trail back through the woods to the main road.

When you come to Mount Gypsum look up the road a little to the left. There’s a quiet little spot by the water to sit and enjoy a little more nature before getting back in the car and heading home.

Hope you enjoyed Fantum Falls!!

Come check it out, its a great way to spend an afternoon 🙂

Keep following for more adventures.


Please Like, comment or ask questions. I will be sure to respond.

Happy Hiking!!


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