Top 5 After Work Trails in HRM

Don’t think you have time to get outside for a walk?

I hope this will help!


It only takes about an hour to walk 5 km. Why waste that time sitting in frustrating traffic on your commute home?

All you need to do is keep a pair of shoes and a bottle of water in your car, so you’re ready to go…Pull over at a Trail…Start Walking. Clear your head, enjoy some fresh air and nature while getting some exercise. By the time you have finished walking and feeling Refreshed…No more Traffic.


Are you like me and love Walking, and near Water? We certainly live in the right city for both!!



There are so many Great Trails, Within a short drive from most workplaces in HRM and…






This park tops the list as it is right in the city and easy to get to for most downtown area workers. The park has a couple of parking lots with Trail Access and Maps. Point Pleasant Park has a lot to offer with grassy areas for play, picnic tables, a supervised beach, outdoor performances, and tons of benches to sit and enjoy. There are some history lessons and cool old forts to explore.

But We’re here for the Trails, and there are quite a few. They wind their way through the woods and around the park. You’ll see lots of squirrels and chipmunks and you can even stop to pick some wild berries….there are plenty. I see something new each time I go. When you come out of the woods, follow the trail down along the shore. It’s so nice to walk by the ocean watching the sailboats. You can even venture off trail, right down onto the shore. Trip along the rocks, but watch the waves…don’t keep your sneakers wet.


If you don’t have an App or Fitbit to measure distance…if that’s important, just walk at a comfortable pace for about an hour.

* Easy – Pavement Trails, Gravel and Dirt Trails




This is such a lovely spot to walk any time of the year almost right across the water from Point Pleasant Park. Just up from the Armdale Rotary and off the Pucells Cove Rd. From the parking lot take the trail into the trees and follow it around the Frog Pond. You’ll see lots of ducks and maybe a few frogs among the small wildlife here. The trail is mostly dirt with and few boarded pathways over some Marshy areas. Sit and reflect on one of the benches, and be on the lookout for the 2 giant trees.


You can continue around the pond or opt to choose one of the other Trails leading to the Dingle. There are markers. The woods are filled with the sounds of bubbling little steams, birds and squirrels. You’ll come out at the Dingle Park (Sir Sandford Flemming Park). Here you can not only checkout the Dingle Tower but you get to walk along the Ocean. The trail at the water’s edge( Northwest Arm) will lead you back into the woods….eventually leading you back, up the hill to the pond.


I walk here a lot, it’s a quick easy stop on my way home.

Approximately 3 1/2 loops of the pond = 5km

* Easy – Gravel and Dirt Trails, Pavement at Dingle




I love this place! Close to the MacKay Bridge on the Dartmouth side. There are a few parking areas and access to this park. If you work in Burnside or Dartmouth Crossing then this is the spot for you. Park down behind the Movie theater on Shubie Dr and take the Pedway across the highway. Wandering this park is so much of fun. The wooded area surrounding the trails are full of surprising and fun sights.


The trails take you across rivers, over wooden bridges and down by lake …. Or see where one of the smaller paths will lead you. I always stop to visit the family of ducks by the little waterfall. Be sure to check out the locks at the canal, really incredible and interesting.


You can easily lose track of time exploring….I bet you do more than 5 km here.


*Easy – Wide Gravel Trails, Dirt Paths, Wooden Bridges




There are 2 Main Parking Areas for these trails. The first is on the St Margaret’s Bay Rd. On this trail you will walk beside a stream that leads to Long Lake. There are lots of trails here leading off into the woods or you can hop along the rocks on the lakes edge. Theres a cool little waterfall in here.


  • Dirt Trail and Pathways

The other parking area is on Northwest Arm Dr. This is a newly built Trail that started out as a wide gravel trail and is now in the process of being topped with a soft sand like substance. Fabulous stuff to walk on. The loop will bring you past Long lake, Long Pond and Withrod Lake. You can take any of the paths leading to the lakes and I highly recommend doing this . There are lots of places to swim here, after your walk. Trees, streams, nature…fresh outdoor air.


This is one of my favorite places!

Old Sambro Rd Trailhead , around loop , return = 5km

*Easy – Wide gravel Trail…New Sand top in process




This is a small trail that packs a nice jab. It’s just minutes from the city; at 614 Herring Cove Rd. I had never been to this trail until a few months ago, and now I’m here at least once a week. This trail runs through a community with houses actually visible through the trees at times…but the scenery in here can be stunning. The colors in the fall were beautiful with gorgeous reflections in the water.  The Runs move parallel with the trail so you can enjoy the water for your entire walk.


So Pretty in Here….

Parking Lot to Mcintosh St Trailhead and return = 5km

*Easy – Dirt and Gravel Trails


Want to see more!!




#GetOutside It doesn’t matter the Season, you really don’t need a reason!!

Happy Trails 🙂





2 thoughts on “Top 5 After Work Trails in HRM

  1. Love the post. I too am not familiar with macintosh run, I’ll be sure to check it out this spring. Thanks.


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