Central America Solo Adventure nears…

So it’s 5 days until I leave for Central America. I’m flying into Guatemala in the evening, Will it be dark?


Anxiety reared its ugly head and took control. It was getting to the point where no decisions were being made as the magical later was going to save the day…and the anxiety could stay below the surface for another day.

But things had to get done, like seriously important things. Anxiety swallowed down.

First, I needed to make a decision on what town I was staying in on arrival, how to get there and the Hostel. It took me weeks to come to these decisions and for no particular reason other than fear of making the wrong choices. But this is my trip and there are no wrong choices! So, Antigua, Guatemala at Villa Esthela. And I will travel by shuttle from the airport. There. Done. Easy. I booked a private room in case I need to cry myself to sleep. One task Complete!

Next was to gather and organize all necessary documents, Banking details, Prescriptions, Phone plans, and pick up any last minute items. Also included in these tasks, was making sure my travel and passport information and copies were emailed to family and safely secured. This took a little time but not too strenuous. Second Task Complete!

This next one was by far the hardest. I picked at getting packed for weeks. I had my packing cubes, articles of clothing, a large variety of items and no backpack, all in my spare room…


Everyday I’d walk by and look in, sometimes dropping stuff off, taking stuff out, sometimes even trying to organize things. But it was overwhelming and there was always the magical Later. I did have One big problem as well. The No backpack issue. I had ordered one online and found out about a week ago that it was back ordered and probably wouldn’t be here in time. Really? Are you Kidding me? A backpacking trip that I’ve been planning for a year and I have No Backpack! Joke Right? Nope.  New plan. Find a backpack. Ask coworkers and friends if they have one to lend. Thankfully this did work. And a lovely friend loaned me a backpack.

No more Excuses! A few more days went by, but i honestly just didn’t know where to begin. The pile of stuff mixed with the rushes of trip anxiety was too much.So I gave myself the weekend before I left to get it done and out came the lists. Don’t Laugh, they Help. I made my lists. I checked them off. I packed, I unpacked. I traded items, and gave up items.I put the backpack on, walked around. Took it off, put in on, took it off. I sat in the middle of the room surrounded by it all for the better part of 2 days. Finally I got  All items into packing cubes and into the backpack. I don’t know if I have too much or too little at this point but its what’s coming with me. My backpack weighs just under 25lbs, so I have it beat by close to 100lbs. I got this!


When I return, I will post a list of all the items that I brought with me. And what I didn’t need, and or wished I’d had.

I think having the packing finished has alleviated some of my trip anxiety.

5 Bonus Tips to prepare for my trip:

1) Opened a bank account at another bank. Hide that bank card away in pack

2) Spoke with Cell Carrier about Travel Plans

3) Ordered some Currency for Guatemala from my bank

4) Wore a backpack everywhere!

5) Did alot of Walking and Hiking!

I’m pretty sure Anxiety is all part of the thrill and excitement of embarking on an adventure such as this, by ones self! So I shall embrace it and see where that gets me!





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