My First Big Solo Adventure

So it’s 5 weeks until I leave on my Big Solo Adventure. I’m going backpacking alone through Central America. I’m starting in Guatemala, to Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and ending in Costa Rica. I have 4 weeks to make this journey and immerse myself into these amazing cultures and countries.

I’ve been through various stages since I decided to embark on this journey. First was the reading everything and joining every group phase.

I read travel books, and joined Facebook travel groups where I could ask questions and read posts. From there I became more involved in other forms of social media like Twitter. Follow me @SoloExplore  There I could follow people and read posts from their travel blogs. I couldn’t get enough. I love taking pictures when I travel and every other day, Instagram (soloexplore). There I saw the beautiful places that I wanted to travel to. But the one that grabbed my attention was YouTube. I began to watch/follow people (Too many to mention but Kinging it and Superjab were my first) This was something I wanted to do. So I started practicing on my trip to Mexico, at home, on hikes and other adventures. I wanted to be comfortable in all aspects before my trip.

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Stage 2: The over planning of my trip stage. Where I would go, What days I would travel, What to see, When I be at each place and how long I’d stay, what I needed to buy for the trip, what I needed to pack, gadgets I needed, What kind of backpack, homestays etc etc. I had papers, notepads, books, scribbled notes, saved websites and screen shots. I also decided I needed to learn Spanish before I went and downloaded the Duolingo app. 9 months later I know a lot of Spanish words , for various things. But in actual reality, I will not survive on this Spanish for more than 5 minutes, but am quite good at sign language and speaking loudly and slowly in English. Not that this has helped before. Only to make me look silly.

Phase 3: snuck in as the whirlwind excitement started to peeter with a little dose of real life and a lot less planning, realizing I actually had Plenty of time. I still looked online and did buy flights, but with a little less enthusiasm. Not because I wasn’t excited, it just took back burner to some other adventures at home that were more in the now. La la la la oh look at the pretty trees…


Phase 4: BAM! Trip is now just around the corner. All those things that I was going to do, buy, learn, look into, book, etc. Not Done! Not going to happen. Maybe next trip. But planning resumes none the less, just in a completely different way than it began. First thing, Less Stuff! Heard it many times but Learned it first hand on a recent overnight hike/camp out. Heavy backpack make for miserable travel. Less clothing, less accessories, packing cubes, less everything! Step 2 less planning. I know the countries that I start and end in. I haven’t even picked my first town or hostel, but I will soon. I know a few places I’d like to see in each country and an estimated amount of time for each country. But that’s about it. Will see what each day brings. I feel more relaxed about my adventure now in these aspects.


Phase 5: Picking away at trip prep while something tugs at the back of my mind. I do my dimes in a bottle challenge to save money for trip, I buy my USD and order in and purchase some Quetzals, I visit doc and get meds etc for trip, I organize travel insurance…..still something nags me. Aha

It come in little waves. Sometimes feels like excitement other times like anxiety. Questions that can’t be answered. A wait and see. Is this adventure totally cool like I think it is, or as completely crazy as others think? Will I fit in at the hostels? I am 50 yrs old. I don’t party every night(I’d die). I don’t look as sexy in a bathing suit as I once did. Will I meet people who want to travel with me or even talk to me? Will I be lonely? Will I get scared? Am I as brave as I think I am? Can I at least fake it? Will I get sick? Will I be able to eat the food? Why didn’t I learn Spanish? Will I survive there without it? Will I survive period? Will I be cold there? Will I finally pick a town and book a hostel? Will I be ready? This is where I am, 5 weeks from my adventure. It’s fine….it’ll be fine lol

Please follow to see if it’s all fine and or to see IMG_20160909_180222815_HDR.jpgwhat I’ve decided to pack, where my first town will be, and what phases I hit over the next few weeks.




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